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Organization: Central Bank of Samoa

Organization name
Central Bank of Samoa
Country name
Country of registration
Bond debt
3 mln USD

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The Board of Directors of the Central Bank is responsible for the policy and the general administration of the general administration of the Central Bank. Moreover, the Board may exercise any of its powers under the Central Bank Act 1984; it may make bylaws for the conduct of its business, and can issue directives for the purpose of effecting the provisions of the Act and other related legislations. The Members of the Board are appointed by the Head of State, acting upon the advice of Cabinet.The Board comprises of five members. The Governor is the Chairperson of the Board and the Chief Executive Officer of the Ministry of Finance is an ex-officio member. There are three non Executive members. While the Board has overall responsibility for monetary, strategic and other policies of the Bank and monitors the Bank’s administration and performance, much of the day-to-day activities are delegated to the Governor and senior Management. The other Board Members are Matai'a Alofipo Daniel Meredith, Namulau'ulu Sami Leota, Tuala Pat Leota and Tuala Falani Chan Tung to complete five members of the Board. The Governor shall serve as the Chief Executive of the Bank, and is responsible for the execution of the Bank's policies and for the efficient management of the Bank. In doing so, the Chief Executive must follow any general or special directions given advice and directives by the Board.




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