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Organization: Fibria Celulose
LEI 549300AFT8A3KIR1J753

Successor company: Suzano
Organization name
Fibria Celulose S.A.
Country name
Country of registration
Pulp, Paper and Wood
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In 2018 the company merges with its largest rival Suzano S.A. Fibria is a Brazilian pulp and paper company created by a merger between Aracruz and VCP, born positioned as a global leader in pulp, with production capacity exceeding 6 million tons of pulp and paper produced in 7 factories distributed in 5 Brazilian States, much of this production is exported. The company has many distributor centers around the world and 5 offices in your the main consumers markets, they are: São Paulo (Headquarters), Beijing, Csomád - Hungry, Hong Kong, Miami and Nyon - Swiss. Fibria participates in two joint-ventures in Brazil, Veracel is the company which shares with Finnish Stora Enso and Conpacel in association with Suzano one of its main competitors. Fibria will be able to produce additional 6.7 million tons of pulp and paper per year, when expansion projects planned before the merge, are accomplished.



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  • LEI
  • SIC
    2621 PAPER MILLS
  • ICB
    1,700 Basic Resources
  • CIK

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