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Organization: PASHA Bank
TIN 1700767721, LEI 529900C4ED1UQX2LSR90, SWIFT PAHAAZ22

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PASHA Bank, comprising the PASHA group of companies, was established in June 2007 and acts on the basis of License №. 250 of the Central Bank of the Azerbaijan Republic dated November 28, 2007.

For the 5 years of PASHA Bank’s activity in the market, its total assets have reached the level of AZN 619.9 million (over $ 794 million), which enabled the Bank to entrench itself in the TOP 5 largest private banks of Azerbaijan. With its authorized capital totaling AZN 136.8 million (over $ 175 million), PASHA Bank currently ranks second in the local market. The total number of employees exceeds 170.

PASHA Bank has also been offering underwriting services to legal entities since 2011: the Bank led 4 bond issues totaling AZN 70.4 m (over $ 90 million). Moreover, last year, PASHA Bank came forward for the first time as a market maker in the securities market, and in the future it intends to expand the scope of services provided in this sphere.

As per last year’s results, the growth of the Bank’s securities portfolio amounted to approx. 67 % and its total assets were over AZN 260 million (over $ 334 million). The total amount of resources under management of the Treasury Department made AZN 322 million (over $ 412 million), which amounts to 56 % of the Bank’s assets (resources). This indicator includes cash resources and assets on correspondent accounts in the amount of AZN 40 million (over $ 51 million), and the portfolio of interbank credits/deposits in the amount of AZN 26 million (over $ 33 million) as well.

At year-end, the transactions for the purchase and sale of securities (account dealing) and foreign currency as well as innovation dealing operations provided 59 % in total volume of non-interest income and was AZN 3.1 million(over $ 3.9 million).

Considering the strong activity of the Bank, the experts of the international financial journal EMEA Finance announced PASHA Bank as the winner of the Europe Banking Awards 2011 in the nomination “Best Investment Bank of Azerbaijan”.

In the first half of the current year, PASHA Bank has also realized a major deal with eurobonds, acting as a successful co-manager on a $ 150 million eurobond issue by the Baghlan Group. Thus, PASHA Bank is the first among the private banks of Azerbaijan that has become a co-manager of a major issue of international bonds.




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