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International bonds: URSA Mortgage Finance S.A., 11.0% 15dec2052, RUB (Z, ABS)

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Issue information

URSA Mortgage Finance S.A. was incorporated in 2007 and is based in Luxembourg. URSA Mortgage Finance S.A. operates as a subsidiary of MDM Bank, Open Joint Stock Company.
  • Borrower
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    URSA Mortgage Finance S.A.
  • Full borrower / issuer name
    URSA Mortgage Finance S.A.
  • Sector
  • Industry
    Financial institutions
  • Placement amount
    1,005,650,000 RUB
  • Outstanding amount
    920,400,000 RUB
  • Outstanding face value amount
    920,400,000 RUB
  • USD equivalent
    12,744,110 USD
  • Minimum Settlement Amount
    50,000 RUB
  • Outstanding face value
    *** RUB
  • Par amount, integral multiple
    *** RUB
  • Nominal
    1,000 RUB

Cash flow parameters

  • Reference rate
  • Coupon Rate
  • Day count fraction
  • Interest Accrual Date
  • Coupon frequency
    *** time(s) per year
  • Payment currency
  • Delay days
    *** days
  • Maturity date
  • Early redemption date

Cash flow

Calculations for international bonds are made according to the minimum trading lot