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Paraguay Government Debt

USD Million
*** USD Million on 31/08/2022
! Max historical depth is 10 years

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Subgroup indices

Index Current value Date
Australia Government Net Debt 533,500 AUD Million 31/10/2022
Belarus Government Debt 60,505,613.7 BYN Thousand 31/05/2022
Brazil General Government Gross Debt 7,297,886.2 BRL Million 31/10/2022
Bulgaria Government Debt 36,307 EUR Million 31/10/2022
Croatia General Government Debt 344,276.3 HRK Million 31/07/2022
Denmark Central Government Gross Debt 649.7 DKK Billion 31/10/2022
Dominican Republic Government Debt 67,005.3 USD Million 31/07/2022
Finland Central Government Debt 138,644 EUR Million 31/10/2022
Hungary Central Government Debt 44,291.46 HUF Billion 31/10/2022
Italy General Government Debt 2,741,588.7 EUR Million 30/09/2022
Jamaica Government Debt 2,219,802 USD Million 30/09/2022
Jordan Government Debt 21,093 JOD Million 31/08/2022
Kenya Government Debt 8,701.07 KES Billion 30/09/2022
Lebanon Government Debt 131,213 LBP Billion 30/06/2022
Lithuania Central Government Debt 24,820 EUR Million 31/10/2022
Nicaragua Government Debt 345,195.9 NIO Million 31/08/2022
Pakistan Central Government Debt 50,152 PKR Billion 31/10/2022
Paraguay Government Debt 14,670.7 USD Million 30/09/2022
Poland Government Debt 1,205,904.55 PLN Million 30/09/2022
Serbia Government Debt 19,649.1 RSD Million 30/06/2022
Seychelles Public Debt 17,348 SCR Million 31/08/2022
Sweden Government Debt 1,043,567 SEK million 31/10/2022
Tanzania Government Debt 11,120 USD Million 30/09/2022
Trinidad And Tobago Total Government Debt 108,181 TTD Million 31/08/2022
Turkey Government Debt 3,807,800 TRY Million 31/10/2022
Ukraine Government Debt 1,261,092,539.12 UAH Thousand 31/08/2022
United Kingdom Public Sector Net Debt 2,460 GBP Million 31/10/2022
United States Government Debt 31,238,301 USD Million 31/10/2022
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