ICU Research: Liquidity up

December 30, 2016 - Cbonds


Total banking sector liquidity rose UAH1.88bn to UAH119.29bn yesterday. A less significant rise than at the beginning of this week, this was caused by a decline in inflows from the Treasury and higher fund outflows. Banks' correspondent accounts with the NBU increased UAH3.56bn to UAH52.24bn while total CDs outstanding slid UAH1.69bn to UAH67.06bn, with a decline in ON CDs and a slight increase in longer maturity NBU instruments. Net inflows from non-NBU sourced amounted to only UAH3.68bn versus above UAH11bn on Monday. On the other hand, in an attempt to decrease pressure on FX market, the NBU sold FX at auctions, absorbing UAH2.60bn of local currency liquidity on Wednesday.

Investment implications: Liquidity continued to rise slightly, albeit less vigorously than earlier this week as the pressure of negative factors had an impact. Banks also have significant loan repayments scheduled, including a large refinancing of loans issued for PrivatBank maturing this year. As a result, although this could result in a large amount of liquidity at the end of the year, this might not exceed last year's record high liquidity level.
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