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VTB Capital Finance sells Series 05 bonds pegged to gold prices

December 14, 2012 | Cbonds

VTB Capital Finance sold Series 05 bonds pegged to gold prices on December 14. The issue amounts to RUB 1bn.The MICEX registered 3 transactions with the bonds on the placement day. VTB Capital Finance closed an order book for Series 05 bonds on December 12. The multiplier for the variable coupon pegged to gold prices was set at 1. The issue counts 1 million bonds worth RUB 1,000 each at par. It has a 10-year tenor. The fixed coupon is set at 0.10%. Early partial redemption is scheduled for 25 December 2013.

The formula for calculating the variable coupon linked to gold differs from Series 02 bonds. The variable coupon is pegged to GOLD-P.M.FIX (a USD price for 1 Troy ounce of gold as of 15:00 GMT with delivery in London) and RUB CME-EMTA RUB/USD rate for next day settlement. VTB Capital also sold Series 02 bonds pegged to the gold price calculated as P.M. Gold Fix as of 15:00 GMT in USD for one Troy ounce with delivery in London.

Issue: VTB Capital Finance, 05

StatusCountry of riskMaturity (option)AmountIssue ratings (M/S&P/F)
early redeemedRussia12/02/20221,000,000,000 RUB-/-/-

Company: VTB Capital Finance

Full company name"VTB Capital Finance" Limited Liability Company
Country of riskRussia
Country of registrationRussia
IndustryFinancial institutions


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