On AS Akciju komercbanka Baltikums's Bond Coupon Interest Payment

April 26, 2007 OMX
In compliance with the requirements of Clause 5.1 of the Latvian Central
Depository Rules No.8 On Dividends, Principal and Other Income Payments, we
declare that on 2 May 2007 AS Akciju komercbanka Baltikums will make a coupon
payment (interest) on the 3rd issue of its bonds (ISIN: LV0000800407) for the
first coupon period (from 2 February 2007 to 1 May 2007) for the total amount
of 167,666.11 EUR. The size of the coupon payment (interest) per one bond is
1.6766611 EUR.
In accordance with AS Akciju komercbanka Baltikums's issue prospectus the
coupon rate is fixed for all interest-accruing periods and amounts to 6.782%
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    Baltikums Luxembourg S.A.
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