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Argentinian sovereign bonds are mixed after yesterday's plunge

September 21, 2021 Cbonds

Argentinian sovereign bonds are mixed after yesterday's plunge. Last week was turbulent as vice president — and former president — Cristina Fernández de Kirchner tried to consolidate its power after the crushing defeat of the government in the primary elections for Congress on September 13.

An indicative price of the 2% 9jan2038, USD bond is down from 41.09% (Sep. 17) to 39.285% (Sep. 21); 0.5% 9jul2030, USD is at 38% after a decline from 38.63% to 37.13%; 1.5% 9jan2038, EUR was down from 37.5% to 36.5%, now the price is 36.875%. 

The price figures correspond to the latest data of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
Company — Argentina
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    Ministry of Economy of the Argentina
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