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Morion announces about increased RAS net profit for 6 months of 2021, up 46.28% YoY. Total revenue’s increase is 87.18%

August 17, 2021 Cbonds
Morion publishes the financial statements for 6 months of 2021 prepared according to the Russian accounting standards (RAS).

Morion revenue for 6 months of 2021 is equal to RUB 978.75 million, while for 6 months of 2020 it amounted to RUB 522.9 million.

Net profit in the reference period amounted to RUB 65.92 million compared to RUB 45.06 million for 6 months of 2020.

According to the accounting statements of Morion, total assets’ increase is 19.95% YoY. Non-current assets of Morion are equal to RUB 631.34 million. Current assets increased by 23.27% to RUB 1.93 billion. Capital and reserves increased by 8.29% to RUB 1.46 billion.

Long-term liabilities’ increase is 73.52% YoY. Current liabilities’ increase is 37.61% YoY.
Company — Morion
  • Full name
    PJSC Morion
  • Registration country
  • Industry
    Communication Services