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Belarus Eurobond yields keep increasing on the prolonged protests

August 13, 2020
Previously we wrote that yields of all Belarus outstanding Eurobonds had been rising since the middle of the last week ahead of the presidential elections. Yesterday they declined but turned around today. 

  • The yield of 6.875% 28feb2023 have reached 7.22% (6.87% prev.). It is the most significant increase among mentioned Eurobonds. At the same time, the price fell from 100.27% to 99.50%.
  • 7.625% 29jun2027 bond rose from 7.48% (August 12) to 7.65%. The price slid from 101.47% to 100.58%.
  • The yield of 6.2% 28feb2030 increased from 6.94% (August 12) to 7.06%. The price fell from 95.68% to 94.91%.

*The price and yield figures correspond to the latest data of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

As for the foreign bonds denominated in RUB, the price keeps plunging. Belarus, 03 has been trading at 99.13% (yesterday the price was 100.95%), Belarus, 04 has a price of 98.66% versus 101.38% yesterday, Belarus, 07 is at 97.56% vs. 99.89% yesterday. 

*The price figures correspond to the latest data of the Moscow Exchange.
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