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Cbonds is beginning to publish online quotations for Ukrainian domestic bonds of Perspektiva Stock Exchange

August 23, 2018
As part of the development of the Ukrainian bond market information coverage, Cbonds is beginning to publish online quotations for the Ukraine domestic government loan bonds of Perspektiva Stock Exchange.

The online quotations for Perspektiva Stock Exchange are available on Cbonds website at http://ua.cbonds.com/quotes/realtime/

The section currently proposes quotations for more than thirty of the most marketable domestic government loan bonds denominated in hryvnia, US dollars and euro.

The section services allow selecting quotations of:
1. one or more stock exchanges;
2. securities denominated in one or more currencies;
3. specific security.

Among other things, the quotation table presents the trade regimes (Quote-driven market, Order-driven market, Quotes market). Please note that quotations with the Quotes market trade regime are public, i.e. any trading participant can buy or sell securities at specified prices.

In addition, information on quotations for purchase/sale and profitability of purchase/sale as of the current date is presented on the pages of issues in Exchange and OTC Quotations Section (for example: http://ua.cbonds.com/emissions/issue/423921).
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