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Loan: VTB 24, 12.2006


VTB 24 was reorganized by merging with VTB Bank from 01/01/2018. The year 2006 witnessed a new stage for VTB. Within the strategic rebranding program, the Bank and its majority interest subsidiaries in Russia, CIS, Europe, Asia and Africa began to operate under the same brand, VTB. We are present in more than 20 countries. VTB has become a leading international financial group of Russian origin, which shares a single customer relations model across all its operating countries. VTB Group’s consolidated banking network and new branches opened worldwide allow us to compete with large international banks in our target markets. VTB enjoys a unique geographical position. VTB Group foreign network is represented by: 1. Banks and financial companies in: o London (United Kingdom); o Paris (France); o Berlin and Frankfurt am Main (Germany); o Limassol (Cyprus); o Vienna (Austria); o Windhoek (Namibia); o Luanda (Angola); o Kiev (Ukraine); o Tbilisi (Georgia); o Minsk (Belarus); o Yerevan (Armenia); o Baku (Azerbaijan); o Almaty (Kazakhstan). 2. Branches in: o Singapore; o New Delhi (India); o Shanghai (China); o Dubai (UAE). 3. Representative offices in: o in Milan (Italy); o Beijing (China). VTB possesses an extensive network of branches and several subsidiary companies offering a wide range of additional services: • leasing; • factoring; • asset management; • insurance; • pension management, etc. Since its establishment, VTB has been linking domestic and international markets. In the period of global economic instability, VTB remains a reliable financial group with governmental support, which encourages the confidence of our customers./03,2011 VTB 24 offers a wide range of banking services for individuals, including multipurpose lending, deposit safekeeping, bank card issuance and carrying out of money transfers.
  • Borrower
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    Bank VTB 24 (public joint-stock company)
  • Industry

Loan information

  • Country
  • Status
  • Type
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  • Volume
    200,000,000 USD
  • Signing
    December 2006
  • Redemption
    December 2012
  • Purpose of the loan
  • Loan specifics
    Interim loan, Islamic loan, With the participation of an international organization, Subordinated loan, Club credit, Multicurrency loan, Amortized loan, Deal with ECA, ESG
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  • Loan extension
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