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Financial advisor

Category — Market Participants
A financial advisor is an individual or legal entity that provides financial advisory services. He can provide services to individuals and legal entities, drawing up a financial plan, helping them with the selection of securities to buy, giving advice on the portfolio management, advising on taxation issues, carrying out the process of preparing the issuer for the issuance of securities and much more. Ultimately, a financial advisor works to improve the financial condition and achieve the financial goals of his client.

A financial advisor can provide a one-time service or work with a client for a long-term period if the client has a need in a regular assistance. However, the efficiency of a financial consultant will always be higher with an integrated approach to solving problems.

A financial advisor may be specialized (for example, he may advise on the bond purchase), or he may have a broad profile of his activity.

The remuneration of a financial consultant depends on the provided service, it can be expressed as a percentage of the amount of capital, a percentage of the planned attraction of funds and can be limited by the minimum amount of remuneration.
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