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Organization: SU-155
TIN 7727500721, PSRN 1037789026065

The issuer's bonds defaulted in 2016
Organization name
SU-155 LLC
Country name
Country of registration
Domestic and Commercial Construction
Bond debt
45 mln USD

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Once the independent company, SU-155 has quickly acquired the scale of a large industrial and construction group of companies with closed cycle work. SU-155 is one of three major Russian construction companies and shares over 30% of the Moscow housing construction sector. Today, every fourth square meter in the capital is constructed by the employees of SU-155. SU-155 accounts for 30% of the total volume of investments to the Moscow construction sector. While increasing the construction volumes in Moscow and the Moscow region, SU-155 has been actively exploring the whole construction market of Russia, contributing substantially to the implementation of the National Affordable Housing Program launched by the President of the Russian Federation. According to the major companies rating published by the “FORBES” magazine, SU-155 was recognized as the biggest construction and building company in Russia. In the general list of the biggest private companies, the company occupies the 9th place. According to the rating of the “500 biggest companies of Russia” by the RBC agency, SU-155 occupies the 41st place. In 2006, the RBC declared SU-155 as company of the year in the sphere of construction. In 2007, the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing and Communal Services awarded SU-155 a Diploma for the victory in All-Russia Contest as the best construction, projecting, research organization taking an active part in the implementation of the National Project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia”. In 2008, SU-155 was awarded the “Creators-2008” prize in the nomination of National Project “Affordable and Comfortable Housing for Citizens of Russia”. The scale of SU-155 business goes beyond the scope of solely real estate development activity. The Group is focused on several business directions at the same time: construction and development, construction and nonmetallic materials industry, engineering, land investments, engineering and communal infrastructure investments. SU-155 has been implementing projects in 51 cities and towns of Russia, as well as in the CIS countries and in Europe. The company has its official representative office in Germany and is a member of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce. SU-155 possesses the most developed industrial base in the country in the sphere of construction materials and engineering. It includes 27 leading enterprises of the construction and nonmetallic materials industry located in 17 cities and towns of Russia. SU-155 has a unique opportunity to organize the entire construction process by using its own resources, starting with selection of a construction site and supply of construction materials, and through the sale of apartments and provision of communal infrastructure services.




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  • TIN
  • IEC
  • PSRN
    1037789026065 on 05/12/2003
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