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Organization: EVRAZ Nakhodka Trade Sea Port
TIN 2508001449, PSRN 1022500697471

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EVRAZ Nakhodka Trade Sea Port
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At present the Port is capable to berth 20 ships and more simultaneously and to process over 1500 large-capacity vessels a year. The Port has modern 40-ton capacity gantry cranes, truck-mounted 50-ton cranes and truck and electric loader of various capacities, trailers and rolltrailors for transporting containers and cargo with large overall dimensions, 20-ton overhead travelling cranes with 50m spans, pneumatic grain reloaders and other equipment capable of processing cargo in piles, rolls, bags, casks, sacks, containers etc. For extra-heavy cargo, floating 300-ton cranes are used. All piers are general-purpose and can process cargoes of different types regarding to the market situation. The Port can, as a result, process rolled ferrous metal products, grain, chemicals, equipment, logs, lumber, cellulose, card-board, foodstuff and other cargoes.




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  • PSRN
    1022500697471 on 02/09/2002
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