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Organization: Mosselprom Finance
TIN 7702573710, PSRN 1057747858981

Organization ceased operations
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Mosselprom Finance Ltd.
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Food industry
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The Agroindustrial Complex "Mosselprom" (AIC "Mosselprom") is rated as one of the largest in Europe and the biggest investment project in the Russian agriculture. Structurally AIC "Mosselprom" consists of CJSC "Mosselprom" which is aimed at broiler production and OJSC "Ozherelevsky Feed-Milling Plant". LLC "Mosselprom Finance" is an affiliated company of CJSC "Mosselprom". CJSC "Mosselprom" is a vertically integrated poultry complex which is located in Domodedovsky Area of Moscow Region and in Uzlovskoi Area of Tula Region. The AIC "Mosselprom", which is equipped with the latest technological equipment of the recognized Dutch and German manufacturers, includes a hatchery with an annual capacity of 50 million hatching eggs and broiler farms. There are 126 poultry houses on the territory of the broiler farms and the poultry processing plant of an hourly production capacity being 6000 birds. Ranked as the leading feed milling production facility in Moscow Region, OJSC "Ozherelevsky Feed-Milling Plant" manufactures a wide range of high-quality commercial mixed feed for poultry, cattle and hogs. Beside ensuring the feed independence and safety for AIC "Mosselprom", completely supplying the needs of it, the feed-milling plant supplies its products to numerous customers of the agricultural market also. The feed-milling plant conducts an active annual grain buy campaign using its own grain elevator for the storage of wheat, barley, soybean meal and other raw materials. The laying in a raw-material stock enables to keep under control the costs not only of the commercial mixed feed but meat products of AIC "Mosselprom" for a full year. Proceeding from key performance indicators, AIC "Mosselprom" establishes itself as a leader not only in domestic poultry industry, it also finds itself among best poultry plants of Europe. Thus, the main integral index of effectiveness EPEF of the broiler production has reached 315-330 points, whereas an average index with the European poultry plants - 270-290 points. A daily average gain of 55 gram is yet another outstanding achievement of the Russian poultry industry, corresponding to the best Western poultry plants. AIC "Mosselprom" has placed a bonded loan as of 1 bln. roubles (around 35 mln. US Dollars) in December 2005. The raised capital was used for the restructuring of unfunded debt including a short-term credit replacement and further project development./06,2011 Mosselprom is one of the largest investment projects in the sphere of agriculture in Russia.


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    1057747858981 on 17/08/2005
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