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Organization: KazTransGas
TIN 000340002165, LEI 635400YGLXBBSVHONW39

Organization name
KazTransGas, JSC
Country name
Country of registration
Oil and Gas Extraction and Refining
Bond debt
706 mln USD

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The company manages the business of transportation of natural gas through the main gas pipelines, performs gas trading on domestic and external markets, carries out development, financing, construction and operates gas pipelines and gas storages. Over the three recent years of operations on the domestic gas market the company has achieved more than impressive results. KazTransGas was established pursuant to the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan No.173 dated 5 February, 2000. Main activities of KazTransGas group of companies include: - Transportation of natural gas through main gas pipelines, domestic transportation, export transportation, international transit and storage of natural gas in underground gas storages (UGS); - Transportation of natural gas through distribution gas pipelines; - Sales of natural gas on the domestic market; - Gas production and processing; KazTransGas is the Contractor under the subsoil use agreement for development of Amangeldy group of gas fields in Zhambyl region. - Production and sales of electrical power; - Implementation of governmental policies for development of gas industry of Kazakhstan; Starting from February, 2002, KazTransGas is a part of the national oil and gas company, KazMunayGas. KazTransGas owns and manages a number of gas and gas transmission companies, and power utilities: - Intergas Central Asia, JSC, is the operator of main gas transportation pipelines; - KazTransGas Distribution, JSC, performs regional natural gas sales to business, residential and commercial clients, gas supplies to residential consumers and businesses through distribution networks; - power plant Zhambyl GRES, JSC, named after T.Baturov, performs purchase, generation, transmission, distribution and sales of electrical and thermal energy; - KazTransGas LNG, CJSC, performs treatment and processing of natural gas produced from Zhanazhol field for consumers in Aktobe; - Amangeldy Gas, CJSC , is an operator for production and processing of natural gas at Amangeldy gas and condensate field; - KyrKazGas, LLS, is a joint venture with KyrgyzGas, JSC, responsible for operation and maintenance of certain sections of the main gas pipeline Bukhara-Tashken-Bishkek-Almaty passing through the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic; - Almaty Power Consolidated, JSC, performs generation, transmission, distribution and sales of electrical and thermal energy; KazTransGas, JSC, owns the gas transmission network consisting of more than 10,000 km of trunk gas pipelines, 26 compressor stations with 308 pipe gas compressor units, and three underground gas storages.




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