General notions

BondForeign bondGrey marketInternational BondMortgage participation certificatePromissory note

Market participants

AgentArrangerAsian Development BankBank for International SettlementsBookrunnerClearstreamDepositoryEuroclearEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentFinancial advisorGuarantorInternational Finance CorporationInvestorIssuerMarket makerPaying agentRating AgencySPV or SPEStock ExchangeSuretySyndicateSyndication participantUnderwriter

Issue process

AuctionDefaultInformation memorandumIssuanceListingOfferPlacementProspectusQuotation boardSecurities issue resolutionSecurities transactionsSyndicateTap issue (reopening)Technical defaultTrancheUnderwriting

Issue parameters

Acknowledged exchange quotationCommon CodeCouponCurrency of issueDiscountFace value (par value, denomination)Integral MultipleISINISIN 144AIssue priceIssuer ratingMarket price (1)Market price (2)Market price (3)Maturity dateMinimum denominationMinimum tradeable unitReg SRule 144AСovenant

Analytical characteristics

AI (accrued interest)Current yield/ flat yieldEffective YTMEmerging Markets Bond IndexLiquidityMacaulay durationMid-SwapsModified durationNominal YTMYield curveYield spread and spread to mid-swapYield to maturityYield to option (CALL, PUT)

Transaction types

CDOCDS - credit default swapConcession bondsCredit-Linked Note (CLN)Dim SumEuro-Commercial Paper (ECP)Global Depositary Note (GDN)Green bondInfrastructure bondsInterim financing (bridge financing)IRS - interest rate swapLoan Participation Note (LPN)RepackagingRepurchase Agreement - RepoSchuldscheindarlehen or Schuldschein, SchuldscheineSecuritizationStructured financeSukukSwapUridashi

Day count conventions

30/360 German30/360 ISDA (30/360)30/360 US30E+/36030E/360Actual/360Actual/364Actual/365AActual/365FActual/365LActual/Actual (ISDA)Actual/Actual (ISMA)Day count basisDay count conventionDay count fractionNL/365

Financial ratios: Debt


Government securities (CIS)

Belarus government bonds (GКО and GDО)Federal loan bonds (OFZ)Federal loan bonds with debt amortization (OFZ-AD)Federal loan bonds with fixed coupon interest (OFZ-FK)Federal loan bonds with fixed coupon rate (OFZ-PD)Federal loan bonds with variable coupon (OFZ-PK)Government savings bonds (GSO)Government savings bonds with a fixed coupon rate (GSO-FPS)Government savings bonds with permanent coupon rate (GSO-PPS)Index-linked OVGZLong-term indexed Treasury bills of Kazakhstan (MUIKAM)Long-term savings Treasury bills of Kazakhstan (MEUZKAM)Long-term Treasury bills of Kazakhstan (MEUKAM)Mid-term indexed Treasury bills of Kazakhstan (MOIKAM)Mid-term Treasury bills of Kazakhstan (MEOKAM)OVGZShort term Treasury bills of Kazakhstan (MEKKAM)Short-term government bonds (GKO)Special mid-term Treasury bills (MAOKAM)VAT-OVGZ

US Treasury Securities

TIPSTreasury billsTreasury bondsTreasury notes

Rates of Interest

Bank Rate of The Bank of EnglandBasis point (bp)Basis rateEURIBORFederal funds rateLIBORMarginMosPrime RateOvernight Call RateTarget of Bank of JapanRefinancing Tender RateWIBOR

Credit Market General Notions

Amortized loanBalloon loanBridge loanBullet loanClub loanCross-border loansIslamic facilityMulti-currency loanMurabahaPre-export financingRevolver, revolving loanSecured loanSubordinated loanSyndicated loanSyndicated loan trancheTerm loan

Islamic Finance


Advanced terms of bond market

Callable Ratchet Inverse Floater NoteCarrot-and-Stick BondCatastrophe bonds (cat bonds)Certificate Of Deposit (CD)Contingent Convertible bonds (CoCos)Death Spiral Convertible BondDoomsday callDual Coupon BondEquity clawbacksHard Call ProtectionHeaven-and-Hell BondInverse FloaterPayment-In-Kind Bonds (PIK)Ratchet Bond (i.e. rate adjustable bond)Retractable BondSoft Call ProtectionToggle Note

Structured Products

Barrier Capital Protection Certificate (Shark Note)Barrier Discount CertificateBarrier Reverse ConvertibleBonus Certificate/Protected TrackerBonus Outperformance CertificateCapital Protection Certificate with CouponCapital Protection Certificate with ParticipationCategories of structured productsConstant leverage certificatesConvertible Certificate (Exchangeable Certificates)Discount CertificateExpress CertificateGeared Reverse ConvertibleLadderMini-FuturesOutperformance CertificateRange AccrualReference Entity Certificate with Conditional Capital ProtectionReverse ConvertibleSpread WarrantStructured productTracker CertificateTwin-Win CertificateWarrantWarrant with Knock-Out
Cbonds Glossary contains data on key notions and definitions of the bond and international bond market. All the terms in Glossary are grouped by the following categories: market participants, issue process, issue parameters, analytical characteristics, transaction types, day count conventions, financial ratios, government securities, loan market general notions, structure and peculiarities of syndicated loans, interest rates, Islamic finance.