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Russian Railways became a new user of Cbonds Bond Map

February 28, 2018
Russian Railways became a new user of Cbonds Bond Map after placing a bond issue map on its official website: http://ir.rzd.ru/  

"Russian Railways is focused on providing comprehensive information on its public debt. Being a major issuer of bonds and Eurobonds, we have analyzed available visualization proposals and settled upon the decision made by Cbonds as the most understandable and practical one," commented Sergey Kovyazin, Head of the Department for Capital Markets and Investor Relations, Corporate Finance Department, Open Joint-Stock Company Russian Railways. 

Cbonds Bond Map is a daily updated widget with a map of bond and Eurobond issues and their analytical indicators: profitability and duration. 


• Comfort. Mapping of all the main parameters in a single working window 
• Informativity. Pictorial information about current issues 
• Data updating. Automatic updating of all parameters from Cbonds servers 
• Simple integration. Customizable color scheme to match your corporate style 

Provide your investors with interactive opportunities using the latest service! The Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System, RSG-Finans, the International Investment Bank, Vale S.A., and Transneft are among the companies who have already become our customers.  

For more information on the yield curve widget, visit Cbonds Bond Map page: http://en.cbonds.info/bondmap_widget/
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