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Zloty strengthens slightly, T-bonds stable

November 19, 2012
The Polish zloty appreciated on improved sentiment on Monday and will continue to follow global moods, while the T-bonds started the week with no yield changes in anticipation of the Wednesday switching auction, local players told PAP. 

"The zloty appreciated thanks to the global thaw, but it was not a significant movement," BRE Bank FX dealer Andrzej Bowtruczuk told PAP. "The global situation will determine further movements . . . with local factors playing a secondary role."

The debt market started the week in a calm manner in the wait for the Wednesday switching auction, ING BSK dealer Adrian Skubij told PAP.

"Monday was very calm on the T-bond market and turnover was miniscule, practically null," the trader said.

Neither the eurobond issue nor the data provided by stats office GUS managed to affect the market, the trader noted, adding that some movement might be triggered by the swithing auction due on Wednesday.

Poland will offer 5Y WIBOR-based WZ0117, 10Y WIBOR based WZ0121 and 10Y fixed rate bonds DS1023 during a switching auction on Wednesday, November 21, buying papers maturing in January and April 2013, the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

Poland is selling "well below EUR 1.75 bln" of euro-denominated bonds in the frame of existing issue of 12-year bonds, in what will be the last foreign offer this year to take advantage of record low yields, deputy Finance Minister Wojciech Kowalczyk announced Monday morning.

Poland's average corporate gross wage measured PLN 3718.19 in October, up by 2.8% year on year and up by 2.1% month on month, the stats office GUS said. Poland's corporate employment measured 5.510 mln persons in October, as it stayed flat y/y and decreased by 0.1% m/m.