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Bonds of OTP Bank and Sakha now trading on Quotation List A1; bonds of Russian Standard Bank and Vimpelcom trading on Quotation List B

October 2, 2012
The MICEX started secondary trading in Series BO-01 bonds of OTP Bank on Quotation List A1 on October 2, the stock exchange reported. The issue has state registration number 4B020102766B dated 15/07/2011; trading code RU000A0JRN37; ISIN RU000A0JRN37.

Series 35004 amortising bonds of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) started trading on the same list. The issue has state registration number RU35004RSY0 dated 02/05/2012; trading code RU000A0JS850; ISIN RU000A0JS850.

Series BO-06 bonds of Russian Standard Bank started trading on Quotation List B. The issue has state registration number 4B020602289B dated 24/04/2012; trading code RU000A0JS7N6; ISIN RU000A0JS7N6.

The same goes for Series BO-02 bonds (identification number 4B020202289B dated 29.07.2011; trading code RU000A0JS5P5; ISIN RU000A0JS5P5).

Three bond issues of Vimpelcom started trading on the same list, namely Series 04 (trading code RU000A0JS5F6; ISIN RU000A0JS5F6), Series 01 (trading code RU000A0JS5E9; ISIN RU000A0JS5E) and Series 02 (trading code RU000A0JS5M2; ISIN RU000A0JS5M2).