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Chilean bonds are showing stability after the last referendum on Sunday, October 25, to change the country's constitution, but there are still uncertainties

October 27, 2020
The previous constitution was approved by Augusto Pinochet. The new draft will be prepared by May 2022. It is to be made up of a Council of 155 independent members who will be elected in April 2021.

Many analysts considered the results of the referendum quite predictable and, therefore, USD sovereign Eurobonds of Chile only slightly changed in the price: the shortest sovereign Eurobonds maturing in 2021 rose from 102.02% on Friday, October 23, to 102.16% on Monday, October 26. Currently, the price is at 102.475%. Chile's longest-term Eurobonds, maturing in 2050 rose from 111.96% to 112.43%. Currently, the price is at 113.36%. 

Eurobonds in euros for the same period (October 23-26) showed the following changes in prices: the shortest bonds maturing in 2025 was almost unchanged (106.38% on Friday - 106.37% on Monday). Currently, the price is at 106.73. Bonds with the longest maturity in 2040 increased from 102.02% to 102.405%. Up to now, the price is stable (102.4%).

In general, all sovereign Eurobonds of the leader in the ratings among the LatAm region (A1/A+/A-) are traded above nominal. However, uncertainty about the new constitution remains. Perhaps it can weaken the flow of investment, as well as increase public spending.

The price figures correspond to the latest data of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
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