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Ranking of Bond Underwriters of Kazakhstan by the End of the First Half of 2020

July 14, 2020
Cbonds has prepared a ranking of the Kazakh bond underwriters by the end of the first half of 2020. The final table of the general ranking included 14 underwriters that placed 26 issues in the amount of KZT 645.39 billion. 

  • The leader of the general ranking for the first half of the year was Alfa-Bank in Kazakhstan, which arranged for 1 issue of Baiterek Development at the total amount of KZT 200 billion. The market share of the bank's placements was 30.99%. 
  • The second place went to Halyk Finance, which placed and arranged for 7 issues at the total amount of KZT 174.73 billion. 
  • The third place was taken by Bank CenterCredit/BCC Invest banking group, which placed 4 issues of the Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund at KZT 89.94 billion. 
  • The fourth place was taken by Money Experts investment company, which placed 2 issues at KZT 46.93 billion. 
  • The fifth place went to Kazkom Securities/Kazkommertsbank, which arranged for 3 issues at the total amount of KZT 41.74 billion. The share of five leading underwriters of the ranking was 85.74%. 

The volume of the market* placements for the first half of 2020 amounted to KZT 339.58 billion. 10 investment banks took part in the arrangement with 19 market issues placed for the period from January 1 to July 1, 2020. The structure of the ranking of market underwriters differs from the main ranking. 

  • The first place in the ranking of market underwriters is occupied by Halyk Finance with a total market share of 51.46% and 7 issues. 
  • The Bank CenterCredit/BCC Invest banking group moved up to second place with 4 issues and a market share of 26.49%. 
  • The third place is shared by Private Asset Management, an investment company that placed the issues of TransTelecom (Kazakhstan), and Tengri Partners, which arranged for two issues of the Kazakhstan Sustainability Fund. Both companies have the same volume of placements – KZT 22 billion and a market share of 6.48%. 
  • The fourth place in the ranking of market underwriters is occupied by Freedom Finance (Kazakhstan), which arranged for 2 issues at KZT 10.55 billion in the first half of the year. 
  • Kazkom Securities/Kazkommertsbank banking group which placed an issue of Development Bank of Kazakhstan at KZT 10.5 billion rounds out the top five. The share of five leading market underwriters of the ranking amounted to 97.13%.

The full version of the ranking is available in the relevant sectionThe ranking takes into account all issues of corporate bonds of Kazakhstan, which were placed among a wide range of investors and are listed on KASE. 

*All transactions, non-market nature of which was covered by the media, are excluded from this ranking. The ranking of market underwriters is provided for reference only.
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