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Loan: VAO Inturist, 4.2008

Loan information

  • Country
  • Status
  • Type
  • View
  • Volume
    50,000,000 USD
  • Signing
    April 2008
  • Redemption
    April 2011
  • Purpose of the loan
  • Loan specifics
    Interim loan, Islamic loan, With the participation of an international organization, Subordinated loan, Club credit, Multicurrency loan, Amortized loan, Deal with ECA, ESG
  • senior loan
  • Settlement rate, %
  • Loan extension
  • Increase in loan amount
  • Data for additional tranche
  • Purpose of the loan (more)
  • Changing the terms of the loan
  • Security and guarantees
  • Additional Information


  • Leading bookrunners
  • Other members of the syndicate
  • Shares and remuneration
  • Investment banks and other agents


Today Intourist Group of companies is an actively developing vertically integrated tourist holding. It implements its activity in four segments of tourism and travel industry: operating of travel tours, retail sales of tours, hotel business and transportation services. Intourist is presented in more than 80 Russian regions and 168 countries of the world, in which the company has constant established fruitful cooperation with more than 7000 foreign partners. Intourist is among the largest players on the Russian tourist market and is the unquestionable market leader in terms of services, provided to foreign guests. The factors of company growth are proved by the annual financial results, according to which in 2008 revenue of Intourist Group of companies increased 64,6% in comparison with 2007 and constituted $615.6 million. The controlling stake of the company belongs to Joint-Stock Financial Corporation (JSFC)Sistema – 65.1%. The Property Department of the Government of Moscow owns 25.036% and SJSC «Moskva» – 8.747%. /06.2011
  • Borrower
  • Sector
  • Industry
    Hotels and Lodging
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