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Loan: Aeroflot-Nord, 11.2007


The Closed Joint-Stock Company “Aeroflot-Nord” was established in 2004 (the Joint-Stock Company “Aeroflot-RAL” owns 51% of the JSC “Aeroflot-Nord” shares.) Now “Aeroflot-Nord” is a major air carrier in the North-West region of the Russian Federation and enters into the list of top ten leading Russian air carriers according to the number of passengers carried on domestic routes. The growth rate of “Aeroflot-Nord” in 2005 ranked the company the second biggest Russian air carrier. This spring the “Wings of Russia,” a prestigious national award, has recognized “Aeroflot-Nord” Aviation Company as a leading airline carrying up to one million passengers annually. It is now the fourth award won in four “Wings of Russia” competitions. Today “Aeroflot-Nord” Aviation Company operates a fleet of 23 airliners. By the end of 2006 “Aeroflot-Nord” expects to acquire several Boeing-737 aircraft.
  • Borrower
  • Sector
  • Full borrower name
    JSC "Aeroflot Nord"
  • Industry
    Air Transportation

Loan information

  • Country
  • Status
  • Type
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  • Volume
    500,000,000 RUB
  • Signing
    November 2007
  • Redemption
    November 2010
  • Purpose of the loan
  • Loan specifics
    Interim loan, Islamic loan, With the participation of an international organization, Subordinated loan, Club credit, Multicurrency loan, Amortized loan, Deal with ECA, ESG
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  • Loan extension
  • Increase in loan amount
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  • Changing the terms of the loan
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