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TD Securities Inc.
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About TD Securities

TD Securities is a prominent Canadian investment bank and financial services provider. With a global presence, this diversified investment bank offers a wide range of advisory and capital market services to clients, including corporate, government, and institutional entities across the world.

As a subsidiary of the Toronto-Dominion Bank Group, TD Securities plays a vital role in the financial industry. With offices established in 39 cities worldwide and a dedicated team of over 7,000 employees, the firm is well-equipped to meet the unique needs of its diverse clientele.

Operating in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region, TD Securities excels in various key business lines. These include but are not limited to corporate finance and lending, providing strategic advisory services for mergers and acquisitions, managing market risk, offering debt and equity securities, facilitating derivative products, conducting daily trading and investment activities, and engaging in various other areas of the finance industry.

One of the notable segments of TD Securities is its proficiency in trading fixed income and equity products, currencies, commodities, and derivatives across major global financial markets. This expertise ensures that the institution remains a trusted advisor in the realm of finance.

Additionally, TD Securities places great emphasis on its online presence, exemplified by the website E-tradeira.com, which is a testament to its commitment to innovation and staying ahead in an ever-evolving financial landscape. The firm's commitment to providing services that meet the unique and dynamic needs of its clients is reflected in its impressive track record and its status as a leader in the industry.

TD Securities remains focused on shaping the future of the financial sector, with a dedication to delivering success to investors, analysts, and stakeholders. The firm's dedicated employees and their collective expertise continue to make it a powerhouse in the world of corporate, government, and institutional financial services. Its unwavering commitment to growth, acquisitions, and staying connected with the latest news and developments in the global finance industry ensures that TD Securities maintains its ability to adapt and thrive on a global scale.

Key Features

  • High-Calibre Service & Integrated Financial Solutions. TD Securities offers top-tier financial services and comprehensive solutions that cater to the diverse needs of its clients.

  • Strategic Growth. The firm has strategically expanded its operations since the establishment of its securities arm in 1987, ensuring a strong presence in key areas where its clients need it to be.

  • Thought Leadership. TD Securities is recognized as a thought leader in the financial industry, with its specialists providing exclusive industry insights and in-depth market analysis.

  • Diverse Perspectives. The institution is committed to diversity and inclusion, fostering an open environment for employees, clients, and suppliers. This commitment allows for a wide range of competitive perspectives.

  • Recognition & Accolades. TD Securities has received numerous accolades and recognitions, including distinctions such as "Lead Manager of the Year" for Social Bonds - Sovereign and being ranked #1 in Overall Canadian Fixed-Income Service Quality.

  • Worldwide Offices. With a global reach, TD Securities operates in 39 cities around the world, ensuring its ability to serve clients on a global scale.

  • Online Presence. The institution emphasizes its online presence through its website, E-tradeira.com. This reflects its dedication to innovation and its commitment to staying at the forefront of the financial industry.

  • Geographic Reach. TD Securities has a presence in cities worldwide, including those with iconic skyscrapers, showcasing its global footprint and ability to serve clients across diverse regions.

History of TD Securities

TD Securities has a rich history closely intertwined with The Toronto-Dominion Bank, whose roots can be traced back to 1855.

In 1987, TD Bank Group took a significant step by establishing Toronto Dominion Securities. This marked the beginning of their journey into providing corporate, treasury, and investment banking services to corporate clients, setting the foundation for what would later become TD Securities.

A few years later, TD Bank Group made further strategic moves to enhance its position in the world of finance. They integrated their various investment firm operations to create TD Securities Incorporated. This integration represented a significant milestone, as it transformed TD Securities into a major financial services company with a global reach.

Since then, TD Securities has continued to evolve and expand its offerings, catering to the financial needs of individuals and businesses around the world. This history reflects the institution's commitment to growth and its position as a leading player in the financial services industry.

TD Securities Services

  1. Corporate & Investment Banking. Clients can trust TD Securities' experienced full-service global investment banking professionals to provide strategic advice and integrated solutions tailored to meet their business's unique needs.

  2. Global Markets. Drawing on the strength of the highly-rated TD Bank Group, TD Securities offers a full range of financial solutions to help clients stay ahead of the curve. Their market insights and quality execution across various asset classes have earned them a reputation as a leading financial services firm.

  3. Global Transaction Banking. For transaction banking needs, clients can rely on TD Securities. The institution's dedicated teams across the globe, backed by the strength and reliability of one of the world's safest banks, offer a relationship-driven approach, extensive networks, and innovative solutions to connect clients to a world of opportunity.

  4. Research & Strategy. Gaining an advantage in today's markets depends on timely, accurate information. TD Securities' dedicated research and strategy teams provide the analytics and perspectives needed to evaluate opportunities and make informed decisions.

  5. ESG Solutions. TD Securities' ESG Solutions group specializes in providing Environmental, Social, and Governance advisory services to their worldwide client base across their Global Markets and Corporate & Investment Banking businesses. This service underlines their commitment to sustainable and responsible finance.

TD Securities Industries

  1. Communications, Media & Technology. TD Securities provides financial solutions to companies in the fast-paced and dynamic communications, media, and technology sector, helping them navigate the ever-evolving landscape.

  2. Consumer & Retail. Clients in the consumer and retail industry can rely on TD Securities for tailored financial services and support as they operate in this competitive marketplace.

  3. Energy. The firm offers financial solutions to the energy sector, supporting companies involved in oil, gas, and renewable energy, among others, to address their specific financial challenges.

  4. Financial Institutions. TD Securities provides financial services to various financial institutions, assisting them with their unique banking and investment needs.

  5. Financial Sponsors. For companies backed by financial sponsors or private equity, TD Securities offers specialized financial services to help them achieve their investment goals.

  6. Healthcare. TD Securities supports the healthcare industry, offering financial solutions to healthcare companies and institutions, helping them address their unique financial challenges and opportunities.

  7. Industrials & Packaging. Companies in the industrials and packaging sector can rely on TD Securities for financial expertise and services tailored to their specific industry requirements.

  8. Mining & Metals. TD Securities provides financial solutions to the mining and metals sector, assisting companies in this industry with their capital and investment needs.

  9. Real Estate. The firm offers financial services to the real estate industry, supporting real estate companies in their investment, financing, and strategic planning.

  10. Transportation & Autos. TD Securities serves the transportation and automotive industry, providing financial solutions to companies involved in this sector to help them achieve their goals and navigate industry challenges.


TD Securities is widely considered a reliable financial institution, and there are several key factors that support this assessment.

  1. Regulatory Oversight. TD Securities Inc. is subject to regulatory oversight by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). It is also a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF) and Canadian Marketplaces. These affiliations underscore its commitment to complying with industry regulations and ensuring the protection of investors.

  2. U.S. Compliance. TD Securities is provisionally registered as a swap dealer with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and is a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). This demonstrates its adherence to U.S. regulatory requirements and standards.

  3. Awards and Recognitions. The awards and industry recognition that TD Securities has received over the years provide a strong indication of its reliability and success in serving its clients. Notably, being named "Lead Manager of the Year" for various categories, such as Social Bonds - Sovereign and Green Bonds - Supranational, Sub-Sovereign and Agency (SSA), highlights its expertise in managing and executing financial transactions. These accolades reflect the trust and confidence that clients place in TD Securities.


Is TD Securities the same as TD Bank?

No, TD Securities is not the same as TD Bank, but they are related entities. TD Securities is the wholesale banking arm of TD Bank Financial Group (TDBFG). TDBFG is a larger financial organization that includes both TD Securities and TD Bank. TD Bank is a subsidiary of TDBFG, and together they form the Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries. While TD Securities and TD Bank are both part of the same financial group, they serve different functions and have distinct areas of expertise within the broader organization.

What does TD Securities do?

TD Securities is a renowned Canadian investment bank and financial services provider with a global reach. Its core mission is to provide comprehensive advisory and capital market services to an extensive clientele that spans corporate, government, and institutional sectors on a worldwide scale. The institution excels in various key areas, including corporate and investment banking, capital markets, and global transaction services.

With a commitment to delivering high-caliber service and integrated financial solutions, TD Securities leverages its expertise to offer strategic advice tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients. Drawing on its strength as part of the Toronto-Dominion Bank Group, the firm provides market insights and quality execution across various asset classes, earning it a reputation as a leading financial services provider. Furthermore, TD Securities is dedicated to supporting transaction banking needs, maintaining a relationship-driven approach, extensive networks, and innovative solutions to connect clients to a world of opportunities. These capabilities, coupled with its commitment to timely research and providing insights, make TD Securities a trusted partner for clients seeking to navigate the complex and ever-evolving world of finance.

Is TD Securities a good company?

Yes, TD Securities is widely regarded as a reputable and reliable company in the financial industry. Its strong commitment to regulatory compliance, membership in esteemed organizations, and numerous industry awards attest to its trustworthiness. Additionally, employees rate TD Securities highly, with an average rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 129 anonymous reviews on Glassdoor. This positive feedback from employees reflects a supportive and positive work environment, which is often indicative of a well-managed and respected company. These factors collectively reinforce TD Securities' standing as a respected and reliable institution in the financial sector.

Is TD Bank owned by Toronto-Dominion?

Yes, TD Bank is indeed owned by TD Bank Group. TD Bank is essentially another name for the Toronto-Dominion Bank, and its subsidiaries are collectively known as TD Bank Group (TD). This structure represents the organization as a whole, with TD Bank Group encompassing various entities and divisions, including TD Securities.

Is TD Securities an investment bank?

Yes, TD Securities is indeed an investment bank. As a Canadian financial institution, it provides a wide range of advisory and capital market services to a diverse clientele, including corporate, government, and institutional clients worldwide. Its operations encompass key functions typically associated with investment banks, making it an integral player in the world of finance.



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