Cbonds Awards CIS - 2015 poll
Poll timing from 06.04.2015 to 17.04.2015
Cbonds is proud to invite you to take part in a traditional opinion poll and express your expert opinion for Cbonds Awards CIS - 2015 nominations in the following categories: Best Investment Bank in Kazakhztan, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia markets; Best Bond Market Research on Kazakhztan, Ukraine, Belarus financial markets; Best sales/trader in Ukrainian market. 

You can nominate 3 institutions in each category in line with your preferences. When votes are counted, your first institution is given 3 points, the second institution is given 2 points and the third institution is given 1 point. Please note that ballots cast for the company you work for and answers of people registered as individuals in our database are not counted. We kindly ask you to nominate institutions and not people. 

The Cbonds Awards Ceremony will take place at "XII CIS and Baltic Region Bond Congress" on May 22 in Baku.
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