League table for domestic bond issues, 2013

League table for domestic bond issues, 2013
Ranking includes all public bond issues. Quotes of placement participants are distributed proportionally.
#Investment BankVolume, mln. UAHMarket share, % Number of issuersNumber of issuesIssues
1Investment Capital Ukraine1 35023.7526Forward Bank, 3-F; Ukrsotsbank, 2-I; Ukrsotsbank, 2-M; Ukrsotsbank, 2-N; Ukrsotsbank, 2-O; Ukrsotsbank, 2-P;
2Delta bank1 00017.5911State Mortgage Institution, 9-Y2;
3Sparta Capital95016.7133Lvov Railroads, 3-C; Odessa Railroads, 3-D; South-west Railways, 3-E;
4Financial Initiative Bank4507.9211Financial Initiative Bank, 3-C;
5VTB Bank Ukraine3606.3323Delta bank, 4-D1; SK-Agro, 1-A; SK-Agro, 1-B;
6 - 8UkrSibbank3005.2823Druzhba- Nova, 1-A; Platinum Bank, 3-C; Platinum Bank, 3-D;
6 - 8Alfa-Bank Ukraine3005.2811Alfa-Bank Ukraine, 2-K;
6 - 8Bank Vostok3005.2811Optima-Farm LTD, 1-A;
9Dragon Capital2574.5324Forward Bank, 2-D; Forward Bank, 2-E; Ilych-Agro Donbass, 1-A; Ilych-Agro Donbass, 1-B;
10Fondoviy Aktiv1502.6411Modern credit technologies, 1-A;
11Concorde Capital1001.7611TAScombank, 1-D;
12FUIB571.0112Ilych-Agro Donbass, 1-A; Ilych-Agro Donbass, 1-B;
13IdeaBank (Ukraine)40 0.7011IdeaBank (Ukraine), 2-B;
14Insight Capital30 0.5313Insight Capital, 2-B; Insight Capital, 2-C; Insight Capital, 2-D;
15 - 16Eurogasbank20 0.3511InsightAM, 1-A;
15 - 16FC Expert20 0.3511FC Expert, 1-A;
Amount:5 685