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Cbonds Page: Setl Group (TIN 7810245481, OGRN 1027804904445)

company Setl Group
full company name "Setl Group", LTD
type of legal entity Limited liability company
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia
industry Construction and development
address 212 (lit. A), Moskovsky prospect, Saint-Petersburg
phone +7(812)327-92-62
fax +7(812)327-92-62

Company details

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  • KPP (for Russia)
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  • OGRN date (for Russia)


Setl Group is one of the major financial and industrial associations in the Northwestern region of Russia. Founded in 1994 as the Petersburg Real Estate construction company, the Setl Group holding company started its business with construction of dwelling houses. For the years of its work BC Petersburg Real Estate grew to a big multifunctional holding company, Petersburg Real Estate Corp., and won the leading positions in promising markets of the region. In 2006, in the framework of structure optimization, Petersburg Real Estate Corp. was transformed into Setl Group, and a number of member companies of the Corporation received new brands. Today Setl Group is a holding company which is developing its business both in Russia and abroad. The holding company consolidates several companies and firms specializing in development, general contract services, sale of construction materials, brokerage transactions in the market of residential and commercial real estate, management and operation of real estate sites, consulting, information technologies, design of advanced engineering process and techniques for serial production, and radio electronics design. The holding company unites such well-known brands as Petersburg Real Estate Corp., Setl City, Setvill, Honvill, Praktis, Setl North Europe OY and others. One of the key areas of the holding company’s operation is developer’s business. Setl City, a part of the holding company, has been operating in the market since 1994, dealing with housing and commercial sites construction in and outside St. Petersburg. They include a number of residential housing construction on large areas in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast and Kaliningrad, and an A-class business block in St. Petersburg. Along with Setl City, the holding company includes developers’ companies Setvill and Setl North Europe OY specializing in the construction of cottage settlements in Leningrad Oblast and in Finland. Today these companies are preparing and implementing 7 cottage settlements of various classes. Setlprof is a general contractor organization dealing with a wide range of construction and installation operations. The company acts as a contractor for several sites in St. Petersburg, including dwelling houses, hotels, shopping malls and business centers. After Petersburg Real Estate Corp. was transformed into the Setl Group holding company, the Petersburg Real Estate brand has been associated with the brokerage business. Petersburg Real Estate company, a member of the holding company, is a major broker in the sale of housing under construction in St. Petersburg, Murmansk and several other cities of Russia. The company also deals with all kinds of transactions with urban and country residential real estate, having the reputation of the most professional and reliable realtor firm. Praktis is a company of the holding company, providing consulting and brokerage services in the market of commercial real estate and dealing with management and operation of housing and commercial real estate sites. The Setl Group holding company pursues an active policy of regional development. Branches of brokerage divisions in a number of Russian cities — Omsk, Novorossiysk, Yaroslavl, Murmansk and several other cities — have been opened. The holding company is considering the possibility of developers’ business evolvement on the basis of the branches that have been founded./06.2011 The emitter owns group of the companies operating under a uniform brand Setl Group within the frames of which carries out functions of the operating company. Setl Group is one of the biggest investment and industrial associations in the North-west Region of Russia, developing its activity both in Russia and abroad. The Holding unites a number of companies and firms specialized in development and provision of a general contractor's services for objects under construction, in supplies of construction materials and broker's operations at the market of residential and commercial real estate, management and operation of real estate, as well as in consulting, and information technologies. Setl Group Holding is implementing an active regional development policy. Branches of broker units have been opened in a number of Russian cities: Omsk, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Murmansk; country development in Finland is in progress. Our company turned to the International Financial Reporting Standards and implemented an inaugural issue, these measures being planned steps heading toward development of the public market of capital. We are also planning to approach the international stock market.

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Deputy Head of Analisis Department
(812) 327-92-62, доб. 3861

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Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
ACRA***ACRA national rating scale for the Russian Federation***
S&P Global Ratings***Foreign Currency LT***
S&P Global Ratings***Local Currency LT***
Expert RA***National Scale (Russia)***

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Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
RUB 1 5 000 000 000


Issue Volume, mln Status
Setl Group, 001P-01 5,000 RUB outstanding
Setl Group, 01 1,000 RUB redeemed
Setl Group, BO-01 1,000 RUB cancelled

Main IFRS/US GAAP indicators

Index 1Q 2016 2Q 2016 3Q 2016 4Q 2016
11Total assets (mln, RUB) *** *** *** ***
20Total equity (mln, RUB) *** *** *** ***
23Revenue (mln, RUB) *** *** *** ***
35Net debt (mln, RUB) *** *** *** ***
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Calculated IFRS/US GAAP indicators

Index 1Q 2016 2Q 2016 3Q 2016 4Q 2016
71Revenues, YoY (%) *** *** *** ***
75Total debt / Equity *** *** *** ***
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All IFRS indicators

year 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4 Q
2018 -
2017 - - - -
2016 - - - 4 Q

Consolidated IFRS reports

year 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4 Q
1.18 M нац
0.48 M eng

Issuer's quarterly reports

year 1 Q 2 Q 3 Q 4 Q
1.24 M нац
0.18 M нац

Annual reports

year national english
2.52 M нац
0.69 M нац
0.5 M нац
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