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company Obuv Rossii
full company name Obuv Rossii LLC
type of legal entity Limited liability company
country of risk Russia
industry Trade and retail
phone +7 (383) 280-80-26
fax +7 (383) 2125634
e-mail pr04@obuvrus.ru
web http://www.obuvrus.ru

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Obuv Rossii, the group of companies, was founded in 2003; the headquarters are located in Novosibirsk. At the present moment Obuv Rossii — a federal footwear retail company — is reckoned to be in the top ten of the largest footwear retailers of Russia. The company develops two retail chains — Westfalika (monobrand, medium-priced segment) and Peshekhod (econom-niche) as well as the brand of inexpensive youth footwear Emilia Estra. Today more than 260 stores operate in 80 cities of Siberia, the Ural and the central part of Russia. According to the results of 2010 revenue (excluding VAT) of Obuv Rossii was 1.6 billion rubles. In addition to the retail sector Obuv Rossii includes wholesale division selling footwear all over Russia: from Krasnodarsky krai to Kamchatka and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. To ensure business growth Obuv Rossii uses different financial instruments such as consumer credit and hire-purchase in retail chains, factoring for work with wholesale clients, international letter of credit to finance transactions with suppliers. Among the key partners of the company are Sibirsky Bank of Sberbank Rossii, Bank Mezhdunarodny Finansovy Klub. In April, 2007 placing the bill loan Obuv Rossii was the first among Russian retail companies which entered the open market of capital. The investors who got company's bills were more than 15 banks from different regions of Russia. In the period of 3 years more than 700 mln rubles have been attracted by work of the bill program. At the present moment all the bills are extinguished. In May 2011 rating agency Expert RA confirmed rating of “B++” to the company. Among the positive factors that influenced the high rating of the company activity there are high liquidity rates, proper gain diversification among the regions and acceptable level of currency risks. Obuv Rossii group of companies became a laureate of the award “Company of the Year 2010" in nomination "For contribution to the development of the retail market." The organizer of the award is RBC group of companies.

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(383) 280 80 17
(383) 212 56 34
Manager to Work with Open Financial Markets
(383) 280-80-21
(383) 280-80-26
Financial director
(383) 280-80-26 (вн. 1197)
(383) 212-56-34
head of PR department
+7 (383) 280-80-26 (доб. 1203)
+7 (383) 212-56-34

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Issue Volume, mln Status
Obuvrus, BO-07 1,000 RUR outstanding
Obuvrus, BO-06 1,000 RUR outstanding
Obuvrus, BO-05 1,000 RUR outstanding
Obuvrus, BO-04 1,000 RUR outstanding
Obuvrus, BO-01 1,500 RUR expected
Obuvrus, BO-08 1,000 RUR expected
Obuvrus, BO-02 1,500 RUR expected
Obuvrus, BO-03 2,000 RUR expected
Obuvrus, 01 700 RUR redeemed