Cbonds Page: J.P. Morgan Bank International (TIN 7710014949, OGRN 1027739606245)

company J.P. Morgan Bank International
full company name CB "J.P. Morgan Bank International" (LLC)
type of legal entity Limited liability company
country of risk Russia
industry Banks
web http://www.jpmorgan.com/pages/jpmorgan/russia/en/home

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CB "J.P. Morgan Bank International" (LLC) is a part of the JPMorgan Chase & Co. group which has been present in the Russian market since the early Seventies: Chase opened a representative office in Moscow in 1973. Commercial Bank Chase Manhattan Bank International was created as a limited liability company in 1993 and registered with the Bank of Russia under No. 2629. In 2001, the bank changed its name to the current one. At present, Commercial Bank "J.P. Morgan Bank International" (Limited Liability Company) has its office in Moscow and offers a broad range of financial and banking services to legal entities, including currency conversion operations, money market transactions, securities and derivatives transactions.

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Issue Volume, mln Status
JP Morgan, FRN 1jun2021, USD 1,000 USD outstanding
JP Morgan, 3.22% 1mar2025, USD 2,000 USD outstanding
JP Morgan, 1.638% 18may2028, EUR 2,000 EUR outstanding
JP Morgan, 11% 18may2020, TRY 150 TRY outstanding
JPMorgan Chase Bank, 0% 23apr2020, RUR (2017-00010) 253 RUR outstanding
JPMorgan Chase Bank, 0% 23apr2020, RUR (2017-00009) 29 RUR outstanding
JPMorgan Chase Bank, FRN 17apr2020, RUR 198 RUR outstanding
JP Morgan, 2.776% 25apr2023, USD 1,500 USD outstanding
JP Morgan, FRN 25apr2023, USD 1,250 USD outstanding
JP Morgan, 3.54% 1may2028, USD 2,500 USD outstanding