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full company name Cbonds Estimation
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Cbonds indicative quotes calculation of the Cbonds Estimation bonds and Eurobonds market is carried out for the bonds* and Eurobonds which have listing on one of international stock exchanges and they are market-traded bonds (with regularly updatable bid and/or ask quotes on the stock exchange trading floors or OTC market). The calculation is carried out in accordance with methodology posted in the section “Documents” below.


The objective for Cbonds Estimation indicative quotes formation is daily selection of asset quotes, which, according to re-search and expert evaluation by Cbonds.ru, are in maximum correspondence with the existing market conditions and trends of demand and supply.


The end result of the methodology application is a single Cbonds Estimation indicative quote for each asset, which is based on bid and ask data from various Quote vendors (stock exchange trading floors and OTC market participants).


Cbonds Estimation indicative quotes are posted on Cbonds website in the section “Trading systems quotes” (http://cbonds.com/quotes/).


* - except for the Russian local bonds with the listing on the MICEX and being the market-traded bonds (having quotes on the stock exchange or OTC market), for which Cbonds cannot provide with purchase price range narrower than on the MICEX.

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