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Cbonds-Poland (http://pl.cbonds.com/) - is a website of Cbonds Information Agency dedicated to the Polish bond and Eurobond market.

Cbonds-Poland offers the most comprehensive database of government, municipal, corporate bonds and Eurobonds of Poland and includes 2.3 thousand issues of 500 issuers.

The website provides daily bond quotes from Polish exchanges (Warsaw Stock Exchange, BondSpot, Treasury BondSpot Poland), Eurobond quotes from international exchanges (Swiss, Frankfurt, and Berlin Stock Exchange), Cbonds Valuation quotes, as well as benchmark bond and Eurobond quotes from the leading market participants.

Data available on the website includes:
- credit ratings of issuers and issues assigned by RA EuroRating, as well as by international rating agencies (Standard & Poor's, Moody's, Fitch Ratings);
- key market indices and indicators, including WIBOR, WIBOR, currency exchange rates;
- macro-economic surveys and debt, money and currency markets research.

In addition, the website provides auxiliary tools to manage your bond portfolio:
- Watchlist;
- Bond Calculator;
- Events Calendar;
- Gov. bonds Calendar;
- NBP Lombard List.

The information at Cbonds-Poland is available in Polish, English and Russian.

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Head of Cbonds.Info (Ukraine, Poland, CIS, Baltic)
+38 (044) 468-64-34
+38 (044) 468-64-34
Manager. International partnership
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+7 (812) 336-97-21
+7 (812) 336-97-21

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