Sberbank of Russia (Ukraine) (TIN 259597826652) — Issuer card

general information

company Sberbank of Russia (Ukraine)
full company name "Subsidiary of SBERBANK OF RUSSIA" JSC
list of affiliated companies Sberbank, Sberbank of Russia (Kazakhstan), Sberbank CIB, Sberbank-Capital, Sberbank Asset Management, Sberbank S-Z, Sberbank Leasing, SB Sberbank of Russia , Sberbank's Non-Governmental Pension Fund, Сбербанк Лизинг Украина (rus), SB_TDU, SB Securities S.A., SD Sberbank, Sberbank Europe AG, DenizBank, Deniz Leasing, Sberbank CZ, Sberbank Slovensko, Mortgage Agent SB-2014
country Ukraine
type of legal entity Public joint-stock company
industry Banks
TIN 259597826652
code Sberbank_of_Russia_Ukraine
profile The bank was established in 2001.
issuer credit rating

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