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ZapSibNeftekhim (TIN 1658087524, OGRN 1071690035185) — bonds & company profile

company ZapSibNeftekhim
type of legal entity Limited liability company
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia
industry Chemical and petrochemical industry

Company details

  • TIN
  • KPP (for Russia)
  • OGRN (for Russia)
  • OKPO (for Russia)
  • OGRN date (for Russia)


ZapSibNeftekhim involves construction of a facility (including respective off-sites) near Tobolsk to carry out deep hydrocarbon processing into polyolefins. The project's design capacity is 2 mtpa. The facility will incorporate: a steam cracker with a capacity of 1.5 mtpa of ethylene (process licensed by Linde AG, Germany), 500 ktpa of propylene and 240 ktpa of high-margin by-products (butadiene, 1-butene, MTBE and pyrolysis gasoline); two four-line units to produce various grades of polyethylene with a total capacity of 1.5 mtpa (process licensed by INEOS, UK); a polypropylene unit of 500 ktpa (process licensed by LyondellBasell, Netherlands). ZapSibNeftekhim is a part of the Tobolsk production site comprising Tobolsk-Neftekhim and Tobolsk-Polymer, plants already on stream. The feedstock (8 mtpa of NGL) is to come through the Yuzhny Balyk – Tobolsk pipeline. It will flow directly into a distillation deethaniser which ensures separation of constituent fractions. Specifically for the project, Tobolsk-Neftekhim's gas fractionation capacity has been significantly expanded, an NGL pipeline between the Purovsky Gas Condensate Processing Plant and Tobolsk-Neftekhim constructed, and throughput of the non-public Denisovka station of the Sverdlov Railway doubled. The project is being run by OOO ZapSibNeftekhim, SIBUR's wholly owned subsidiary.

Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
USD 1 1 750 000 000


Issue Volume, mln Status
ZapSibNeftekhim, 01 1,750 USD outstanding
SIBUR Holding, 3.45% 23sep2024, USD 500 USD outstanding
SIBUR Holding, 4.125% 5oct2023, USD 500 USD outstanding
SIBUR Holding, 12 10,000 RUB outstanding
SIBUR Holding, 10 10,000 RUB outstanding
SIBUR Holding, BO-01 5,000 RUB expected
SIBUR Holding, BO-03 10,000 RUB expected
SIBUR Holding, BO-02 10,000 RUB expected
SIBUR Holding, 11 10,000 RUB early redeemed
SIBUR Holding, 3.914% 31jan2018, USD 1,000 USD redeemed
Loans Volume, mln Status
SIBUR, 12.2014 1,575 EUR Granted
SIBUR, 2, 09.2011 221 USD Granted
SIBUR, 1, 09.2011 1,220 USD Granted
SIBUR, 6.2006 200 USD Redeemed
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