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Sberbank CZ — bonds & company profile

company Sberbank CZ
full company name Sberbank CZ
country of risk Czech Republic
country of registration Czech Republic
industry Banks

Company details

  • pre-LEI / LEI


Sberbank CZ (former Volksbank CZ until February 2013) has been operating in the Czech market since 1993; since 1 January 1997 as an independent joint stock company with the CNB banking licence. Sberbank CZ is a commercial bank with an extensive portfolio of financial products and services for retail and corporate clients. We strive to be a trustworthy financial advisor to our clients. Having a profound understanding and knowledge of our clients’ needs, we are able to provide our clients with an individual solution. We are not a mere seller of banking products – we see banking as a service that leads to mutual prosperity and growth. We help our clients to increase their profits by providing them with comprehensible financial and banking advice and top-level personal care. In this way, we strive to ensure that banking regains its original personal dimension.

News and documents

Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
CZK 1 1 300 000 000


Issue Volume, mln Status
Sberbank CZ, 2% 26jun2020, CZK 1,300 CZK outstanding
Sberbank CZ, 1.1% 5sep2017, CZK 2,000 CZK redeemed
Sberbank CZ, 2.30% 24oct2018, CZK 1,000 CZK redeemed
Sberbank CZ, 3.2% 11oct2016, CZK 1,000 CZK redeemed
Sberbank CZ, FRN 22mar2017, CZK 500 CZK redeemed
Sberbank CZ, 4.1% 19may2016, CZK 300 CZK redeemed
Sberbank, IOS_PRT_OG_BSK-54m-001P-145R 1,000 RUB outstanding
Sberbank, IOS_PRT_CDX-42m-001P-143R 1,000 RUB outstanding
Deniz Leasing, 0% 10jan2020, TRY (91D) 230 TRY outstanding
Sberbank, IOS_PRT_EV_BSK-48m-001P-142R 1,000 RUB outstanding
Loans Volume, mln Status
Sberbank, 12.2016 135 EUR Granted
Sberbank Europe AG, 03.2014 350 EUR Redeemed
DenizBank, 11.2013 1,000 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 06.2013 300 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 10.2012 1,500 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 11.2011 1,200 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 06.2011 650 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 12.2010 2,000 USD Redeemed
Sberbank, 10.2008 1,200 USD Redeemed
Sberbank CIB, 7.2008 130 USD Redeemed


Issue Volume, mln Status
Sberbank CZ, 2% 26jun2020, CZK 1,300 CZK Bookrunner
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