Bank Pocztowy — Issuer card

general information

company Bank Pocztowy
full company name BANK POCZTOWY S.A.
country Poland
web http://www.pocztowy.pl
type of legal entity Joint-stock company
industry Banks
code BankPocztowy
profile Bank Pocztowy is an universal modern bank offering customer-friendly and lucid financial services, which are available at the post offices and in the network of Bank's branch offices across Poland. The Bank was established in 1990 in Bydgoszcz. There are two shareholders of Bank Pocztowy: Poczta Polska (Polish Post) that owns 75% of shares (minus one share) and PKO Bank Polski S.A (25% plus one share). Both of them are well-known, reputable institutions enjoying the public trust. Thanks to our shareholders, we have at our disposal the largest distribution network and access to the most modern banking activities.
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