Bank of Communications (Hong Kong) — Issuer card

general information

company Bank of Communications (Hong Kong)
full company name Bank of Communications Hong Kong Branch
list of affiliated companies Bank of Communications
country Hong Kong
type of legal entity Not specified
industry Banks
profile Founded in 1908, Bank of Communications (BOCOM) is one of four oldest banks in China and one of the early note-issuing banks of China. In 1958, while the Hong Kong Branch continued to operate, the mainland business of BOCOM was merged with People's Bank of China and the People's Construction Bank of China on BOCOM's foundation. To operate in line with economic reforms and development, BOCOM was restructured on July 24, 1986 with approval from the State Council and began operation anew on April 1, 1987, thus becoming China's first state-owned shareholding commercial bank. Its head office was in Shanghai.