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Bank of Russia (TIN 7702235133, OGRN 1037700013020) — bonds & company profile

company Bank of Russia
full company name Central Bank of Russian Federation
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia

Company details

  • TIN
  • KPP (for Russia)
  • OGRN (for Russia)
  • OKPO (for Russia)
  • OGRN date (for Russia)
  • pre-LEI / LEI
  • BIC


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation (The Bank of Russia) is a special public law institution, a mega-regulator of the financial market that develops and implements, in cooperation with the Government of the Russian Federation, a single state monetary policy and is endowed with special powers. The status, goals of activity, functions and powers of the Bank of Russia are determined by the Federal Law of July 10, 2002 No. 86-FZ “About the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)” and other federal laws.

In order to regulate bank liquidity, the Central Bank issues bonds of the Bank of Russia (OBR). OBR are issued in accordance with Art. 27.5-1 of the Federal Law of 22.04.1996 No. 39-FZ "About the Securities Market". The placement and circulation of OBRs is carried out only among Russian credit institutions.

OBR are issued in the form of coupon bonds (COBR) for the term of 3, 6 or 12 months, with a par value of 1,000 rubles. COBR are included into the Lombard List of the Bank of Russia. Redemption is carried out at par, the coupon period is of 3 months, the coupon rate is equal to the key interest rate of the Bank of Russia which was set for each day of the coupon period. The placement of OBRs was suspended in 2011 and resumed in 2017.

Placement and additional placement of COBR issues is carried out at auctions on the Moscow Exchange. The decision to issue new COBR issues is taken according to the necessity, taking into account the forecast of the banking sector's liquidity in order to absorb the stable part of the structural liquidity surplus.

Information on the date and other parameters of the auctions is published no later than 1 day before the auction, placed on the websites of the Bank of Russia and the Moscow Exchange.

Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
RUB 3 754 423 546 000


Issue Volume, mln Status
Bank of Russia, COBR-37 300,000 RUB outstanding
Bank of Russia, COBR-36 300,000 RUB outstanding
Bank of Russia, COBR-35 300,000 RUB outstanding
Bank of Russia, COBR-39 300,000 RUB expected
Bank of Russia, COBR-38 300,000 RUB expected
Bank of Russia, COBR-34 300,000 RUB redeemed
Bank of Russia, COBR-33 700,000 RUB redeemed
Bank of Russia, COBR-32 700,000 RUB redeemed
Bank of Russia, COBR-31 700,000 RUB redeemed
Bank of Russia, COBR-30 700,000 RUB redeemed
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