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company Aeroexpress
type of legal entity Limited liability company
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia
industry Transportation

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Aeroexpress is a dynamic company that provides intermodal and suburban passenger rail services in compliance with its licence from the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Aeroexpress provides rail services between the capital and all the airports of the Moscow Air Cluster, including Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Sheremetyevo.
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Issue Volume, mln Status
Aeroexpress, 01 3,500 RUR redeemed
RZD, BO-11 25,000 RUR outstanding
RZD, 8.99% 3mar2024, RUR 15,000 RUR outstanding
RZD, 4.375% 1mar2024, USD 500 USD outstanding
RZD, 41 15,000 RUR outstanding
RZD, 9.2% 7oct2023, RUR 15,000 RUR outstanding
RZD, 3.45% 6oct2020, USD 500 USD outstanding
RZD, 42 15,000 RUR outstanding
Federal Passenger Company, 01 5,000 RUR outstanding
RZD, BO-17 25,000 RUR outstanding
Loans Volume, mln Status
RZD, 2, 3.2008 550 USD Redeemed
RZD, 1, 3.2008 550 USD Redeemed
RZD, 2, 10.2005 300 USD Redeemed
RZD, 1, 10.2005 300 USD Redeemed