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Mriya Agro Holding — bonds & company profile

company Mriya Agro Holding
full company name Mriya Agro Holding
country of risk Ukraine
country of registration Cyprus
industry Agriculture
web http://mriya.ua


Mriya Agro Holding is one of the largest and most efficient agricultural producers in Ukraine and globally . The Company was founded in 1992 as a family business with the dream (mriya translates to «dream» in Ukrainian) to create a leading and responsible agricultural business committed to grow and supply the best produce for its people. Today, that dream has become reality. Like a germinating seed, Mriya has grown dramatically and expanded its farmland from 50 hectares in 1992 to 295,000 hectares today. Mriya's produce is sold in over 20 countries around the world, supplying the largest food companies in Europe.
Western Ukraine boasts some of the world's most fertile lands.
Mriya's land is concentrated in Western Ukraine where «black earth» is among the most fertile lands in the world. Mriya cultivates a diverse range of agricultural crops including wheat, rapeseed, corn, sugar beet, potatoes, buckwheat, barley, peas and soybeans, taking full advantage of the fertile land it owns to meet the vital and growing global demand for food.

Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
S&P Global Ratings *** Foreign Currency LT ***
S&P Global Ratings *** Local Currency LT ***
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (foreign curr.) ***
Fitch Ratings *** LT Int. Scale (local curr.) ***
Fitch Ratings *** National Scale (Ukraine) ***
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Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
USD 1 98 637 788
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