Commercial Bank OBRAZOVANIE (TIN 7736017052, OGRN 1027739265355) — Company card

company Commercial Bank OBRAZOVANIE
full company name Commercial Bank «OBRAZOVANIE»
type of legal entity Joint-stock company
country of risk Russia
country of registration Russia
industry Banks

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Commercial Bank “OBRAZOVANIE” was founded in 1991 in accordance with the decision of Moscow higher education institutions. Over the years of its existence Commercial Bank “OBRAZOVANIE” has managed to form a stable resource base, to improve operational profitability and efficiency of attracted funds management in order to support the appropriate capital increase and ongoing assets structure improvement.
The Bank development priorities are closely associated with the provision of its financial stability and the support of appropriate balance between bank capital, attracted and placed financial resources. The Bank customer policy is based on an approach aimed at the maximum service quality and long-term partner relations. Within 22 years of the Bank operations it has managed to attain the status of stable and multipurpose credit institution. The active operations carried out by Commercial Bank “OBRAZOVANIE” in the financial market enable us to extend the range of products and services offered to our customers and counterparties. Thus over a number of years the Bank is ranked among the top 5 leading foreign currency traders at Open Joint Stock Company “Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS”  as well as futures and options market leader in respect of transaction volume at futures market.
One of the strategic directions of the Bank activities is the development of small and medium business services sector as well as maintaining and promotion of cooperation with retail customers. Among the core directions is lending to individuals and legal entities and operations with securities. The Bank is engaged in active operations with households (utility payments, deposits, money transfers, bank cards, credits). The policy of trust-based relations, respect as well as integrated and individual approach to each customer brings success in banking business. Basing on sufficient resources and proven banking operational technologies Commercial Bank “OBRAZOVANIE” offers banking products and services conforming to the highest world standards of banking industry.

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Issuer credit rating

Rating AgencyRatingRating scaleDate
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- foreign currency ***
Moody's Investors Service *** LT- local currency ***
S&P Global Ratings *** Foreign Currency LT ***
S&P Global Ratings *** Local Currency LT ***
S&P Global Ratings *** LT National Scale (Russia) ***
Moody's Interfax Rating Agency *** National Scale (Russia) ***
AK&M Rating Agency *** National Scale (Russia) ***
National Rating Agency *** National scale (Russia) ***
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Outstanding bond issues amount

Сurrency Outstanding bond issues Cumulative volume
RUR 1 1 400 000 000


Issue Volume, mln Status
Commercial Bank OBRAZOVANIE, 01 1,400 RUR outstanding


Issue Volume, mln Status
FinInvest, LLC, 01 500 RUR Bookrunner
Commercial Bank OBRAZOVANIE, 01 1,400 RUR Bookrunner
Derzhava Bank, BO-01 4,000 RUR Underwriter
LisinGarant, 01 500 RUR Bookrunner

Main IFRS/US GAAP indicators

Index 1Q 2015 2Q 2015 3Q 2015 4Q 2015
6Total assets (K, RUR) *** *** *** ***
19Equity (K, RUR) *** *** *** ***
31Loan portfolio (K, RUR) *** *** *** ***
9Deposits (K, RUR) *** *** *** ***
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Calculated IFRS/US GAAP indicators

Index 1Q 2015 2Q 2015 3Q 2015 4Q 2015
71Assets, YoY (%) *** *** *** ***
72Equity, YoY (%) *** *** *** ***
74Loan-to-deposit ratio *** *** *** ***
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All IFRS indicators

year 1 qr 2 qr 3 qr 4 qr
2017 -
2016 - - - -
2015 - 2 qr - 4 qr

Consolidated IFRS reports

year Q1 H1 9M Y
0.58 Mнац
2.88 Mнац
2.16 Meng

Issuer's quarterly reports

year Q1 H1 9M Y
1.48 Mнац
1.6 Mнац
1.28 Mнац
1.37 Mнац
1.66 Mнац
26.67 Mнац
1.41 Mнац
1 Mнац

Annual reports

year national english
11.05 Mнац
0.66 Mнац
0.68 Mнац