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The Islamic Republic of Iran bonds on Cbonds website

September 07, 2017 | Cbonds

Dear Cbonds users! We’re happy to announce that information about domestic government bonds of Iran was added to Cbonds database at http://cbonds.com/emissions/. In total, the website contains 6 issues of Murabaha Sukuk and 8 issues of Ijara Sukuk, with the total value equivalent to USD 1.280 bn.


Iran has the second large economy in the Middle East and North Africa next to Saudi Arabia; according to estimates, the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016 was USD 412.2 bn. Iran ranks second in population size, after Egypt (78.8 bn. people in 2015).

The economy of Iran is characterized through the active development of hydrocarbon sector, agriculture and service industry. The state plays a significant role in production and financial services. Iran has the world's second-largest natural gas reserves; it also ranks fourth in proven oil reserves. Its economic activity and state income continue to depend largely on oil revenues, hence they remain unstable.

Financial market

The Islamic market of debt financing is represented in the form of sukuks. State Iranian sukuks are usually represented by 2 subtypes.

Murabaha Sukuk is a debt security, issued for a purpose of financing the purchase of goods (transaction), with exact expenses known in advance (margin), both for the issuer and the investor.

Ijara Sukuk is a debt security, issued for a purpose of financing something in exchange for the lend-lease of the property owned or possessed by the issuer to the investors.

Average redemption period of Iran domestic government bonds is 4 years. All government sukuks were issued in the Iran market with the fixed coupon rate, and nominated in the national currency - Iranian rials (IRR).

In the additional information field you can find information about the bonds’ issue and maturity dates as per Iranian calendar, as well as subtype of sukuks.

Traditionally, for all issues the following features are available: bonds calculator, main placement parameters, and payment schedules. Daily bonds quotes from the Iranian stock exchange (Iran Fara Bourse), as well as from the market participant Poya Finance) are also available (for example, http://cbonds.com/emissions/issue/323167).

Please note that access to the website (http://cbonds.com/) is included in the Cbonds-Premium tariff. If you don’t have access to Global.Cbonds yet, you can try it out and see the advantages of the website by applying for trial access at (http://cbonds.com/about/paccess.php).

Please be reminded that Cbonds.Global (http://cbonds.com/) database covers debt market of Russia and other CIS countries, Eurobonds of emerging and developed markets, internal markets of developed countries, as well as government stocks of all countries of the world. The information is available in five languages: Russian, English, Italian, German and Spanish.

Company: Iran

Full company nameIran
Country of riskIran


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