Moody's Investors Service revised outlook on Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) to stable and affirmed at "Aa3" (LT- local currency) credit rating

May 09, 2017 - CBonds


Moody's Investors Service affirmed the "Aa3" LT- local currency credit rating of Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) on May 3, 2017. At the same time the rating agency revised outlook to stable from negative.
Issuer: Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore)
Outstanding issues:
13 issuesUSD375,780,000
1 issuesAUD2,500,000
2 issuesIDR2,796,223,000,000
Issuer rating:
Moody's Investors ServiceAa3/StableLT- foreign currency05/03/2017
Moody's Investors ServiceAa3/StableLT- local currency05/03/2017