Cbonds updates personal issuer page for Cbonds Pages clients – press release

March 01, 2017 - Cbonds



We are happy to introduce a new version of the personal issuer page for Cbonds Pages subscribers!
We have updated the list of companies and now the company logo is displayed in the general list as well.

We have also added quick search by issuers subscribed to the service to make the search more convenient for you and save your time.

The issuer page has become better structured and more convenient if you search for specific company information! Here is an example of the new page layout
- http://ru.cbonds.com/pages/FSK

The service allows you to post the following information on the issuer page:
- a logo, general information about the company;
- addresses, phone numbers, faxes, emails;
- news related to the company’s activity, announcements, awards;
- the issuer’s yield curve;
- the company’s research;
- contact details of the company’s fixed income professionals.

Your personal page
- will allow you to timely publish announcements of important events in the company’s life as well as research and presentation materials;
- will be in free access and will appear in Top 10 search results in search engines.


We would appreciate your comments and feedback related to this page. You are welcome to send your suggestions to adv@cbonds.info with the topic “Cbonds Pages”.

Best regards,
Cbonds team.
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