Ministry Of Finance Of Georgia Treasury Note Auction Results

February 22, 2017 - Cbonds


On February 22, 2017, GEL 20 000 000 5-year Ministry of Finance Treasury Notes were sold at the Auction held at NBG.
Four commercial banks participated in the auction. The total demand amounted to GEL 34 501 000. Minimum yield was 9.120%, maximum yield was 9.490% and the weighted average yield was fixed at 9.181%.

The coupon rate was 7.625%. Coupons will be paid semiannually.
Issuer, issue numberGeorgia, 7.625% 20oct2021, GEL
Type of debt instrumentDomestic bonds
Government bond typeBonds
Issue statusoutstanding
Type of placementPublic
Par, currency of issueGEL 1,000
Start of placement10/19/2016
End of placement10/19/2016
Date of circulation start10/20/2016
Coupon frequency2 time(s) per year
Settlement date10/20/2016
Maturity date10/20/2021
Issuer: Georgia
Issuer profile:

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe,

Georgia's main economic activities include cultivation of agricultural... more

Outstanding issues:
1 issuesUSD500,000,000
47 issuesGEL2,326,520,000
Issuer rating:
RIA RatingBB-/StableSovereign ratings09/04/2015
Dagong CreditBB-/StableInternational scale rating (foreign curr.)05/31/2016
Dagong CreditBB-/StableInternational scale rating (local curr.)05/31/2016
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)6/Country Risk Classifications06/24/2016
Moody's Investors ServiceBa3/StableLT- foreign currency03/11/2016
Moody's Investors ServiceBa3/StableLT- local currency03/11/2016
S&P Global RatingsBB-/StableForeign Currency LT05/15/2015
S&P Global RatingsBB-/StableLocal Currency LT05/15/2015
Fitch RatingsBB-/StableLT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)03/24/2017
Fitch RatingsBB-/StableLT Int. Scale (local curr.)03/24/2017
National Rating AgencyiBB-/StableGlobal scale09/30/2016