Nominal coupon bonds by ANELIK BANK listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia.

January 23, 2017 - Cbonds


Starting from January 20, 2017, nominal coupon bonds issued by "ANELIK BANK" CJSC will be listed on NASDAQ OMX Armenia and included in the bonds main Abond list.

Listed securities comprise 50,000 coupon bonds with nominal value of USD 100, coupon rate of 6.5% and maturity period of 2 years. The bonds (ISIN - AMANLBB21ER4) will be traded under ANLBB1 ticker symbol and will be allowed to manual and REPO trading as well.
Issuer: Anelik Bank
Outstanding issues:
2 issuesUSD10,000,000
1 issuesAMD1,000,000,000