Cbonds Information Agency prepared the Arrangers' League Table for domestic bonds of Caucasus states for 2016

January 26, 2017 - Cbonds


Cbonds Information Agency prepared the Arrangers’ league table for domestic corporate bonds of Caucasus states for 2016. The arrangers’ league table comprises issues of corporate bonds from Azerbaijan, Armenian, Georgian issuers and international financial organizations placed on the domestic market of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia. Also were published league tables for the separate states.

The League Table of Caucasus states includes eight arrangers, which placed bonds for a total of USD 310 mln. Please note that, in the last year all countries of the region performed increasing of bond issues and the total value in 2016 was over aggregated value of issues in 2015 (USD 192 mln.).

Galt and Taggart (Georgia) arranged 7 bond issues and tops the league table with the result of USD 161 mln (market share is 51.95%). The second line is taken by PSG Kapital (Azerbaijan) with 1 bond issues on USD 100 mln (32.25%). The third line is taken by Ameriabank (Armenia) that arranged 3 bonds issues in 2016 on USD 22 mln (market share is 7.12%).

The full version of the league table is available via the link. League Table Generator is provided on the website, where you can build league tables by the chosen filters: by industries, separate sectors and by issue currency. The league tables can be saved in PDF and Excel.
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