Cbonds Prepared Issuer & Arranger Legal Adviser League Tables of EM International Bonds for 2016

January 16, 2017 - Cbonds


Dear users of Cbonds website!

We are pleased to inform you that Arranger and Issuer Legal Adviser League Tables for EM International Bonds 2016 is now available on the website. The service allows estimate companies’ activity in the primary Eurobond market in terms of number of deals, where legal support was provided.

Legal Adviser’s League Table Generator is available via the following link:


International issues placed in 2014-2016 by Emerging Market issuers can be used for building league tables. The service allows generating league tables by various criteria: an object of consulting (arranger / issuer), type of law (international, local, listing law), region, country, sector, an issuer’s industry, currency and issue types.

The built league tables for 2016 are available by the following links:

Arranger Legal Adviser League Table for EM International Bonds, 2016 (http://cbonds.com/rankings/item/383)

Top 5:

Issuer Legal Adviser League Table for EM International Bonds, 2016 (http://cbonds.com/rankings/item/381)

Top 5:

Issuer and Arranger Legal Adviser League Table for EM International Bonds, 2016 (http://cbonds.com/rankings/item/375)

Top 5:

The league tables take into account Plain Vanilla Eurobond issues placed in 2016. League tables include only those legal advisers, which provided legal support in local / international law.

Please note that access to League Table Generator is provided to all registered users of Cbonds website (registration form is available at http://cbonds.com/contact/registration/). Please, forward comments and suggestions to: global@cbonds.info.

Cbonds appreciates legal advisers which are included in the process of confirming participation in the deals.

Cbonds invites all market participants of primary market for cooperation, it helps us make our league tables more fair and accurate. Contacts details are available here: (http://em.cbonds.com/pages/cbonds_em).